Our goal is to develop a group of young, interdisciplinary artists who will form the core of our Young Artists Initiative and continue to work with us by championing and cultivating the humanities in their communities. We strive to help them develop as artists and thinking, creative human beings that are skilled at expressing their unique experiences of the world around them.

We will achieve this goal through intensive training that will include writing, voice &

speech, text analysis, team building, and constructive critique. We will offer them the

tools to connect physical and vocal performance. Mastery of these skills will provide them with a cohesive communication tool and with a structured way of working that

is applicable to the creation of interdisciplinary art.

The Details

We will accept a maximum of twelve (12) young artists between the ages of 14 and 18. Younger applicants may be considered based on qualifications.

The workshop will meet twice weekly 3:45 - 6PM

We plan to showcase our discoveries for the community Quarterly

The Workshop and Community Showcase events will take place at:

Dead Poet Books

937 S. Rainbow Blvd

Las Vegas, NV 89146

Participants are expected to participate in all sessions and all three “Showcases”.

The mandate of Humanity Thru Art involves service to the community. As such, we will be calculating the hours spent with us as community service for those who wish to put that time toward community service requirements for educational institutions that take such things into account. Food and transportation will not be provided. This is a professional workshop opportunity.

This is not a school activity. or an after school program. The application materials must be completed by the prospective participant. Parents cannot enroll their children in this program. Participation should be based solely on the skills and commitment of the young artist.

Application Process

Participants will be considered based on Letter of Intent and one letter of recommendation from an adult professional either in the Humanities or Education field.

Letters of intent should be between 1000 and

2000 words in length and should Include:

Applicant name, age, and contact information

Statement of parental consent. Digital signatures will be accepted for application, but parent consent will be obtained in writing by the second workshop session.

Parent Contact information to verify Parental consent for participation (If under 18 years of age).

What the applicant believes s/he has to offer as a participant.

What the applicant hopes to learn or explore through participation in the workshop

The applicant should express an understanding of the Humanities as a whole and their importance to society.

The applicant should share any skill or experience in the Humanities that have had an impact on him/her.

Application is free. 

New applications will be accepted quarterly.

All applications will be considered for scholarship in the order they were received.

Application Deadline / Session begins

*Intensive Summer Workshop TBA

*Once admitted the participant need not apply again.

Application materials can be sent digitally to: YArtists@humanitythruart.org

Or Mailed to:

Humanity Thru Art

1810 E. Sahara AVE

Suite 220

Las Vegas NV, 89104


Find your voice and be heard!

  1. “We’re about the work. We’re about craft. We’re about Mastery. We're about exploring the human experience in a way that will resonate with our peers, our community and our world."

  2. Participants will develop:

  3. Self Esteem

  4. Self Discipline

  5. Self Control

  6. Self Exploration

  7. Self Realization

Through Self Expression

The workshop will meet Wednesdays from 3:30-6PM

Application is free. Scholarships are available!

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Young Artists’ Development Program