HTA Writers’ Circle

Writer’s Circle

The Humanity Thru Art  (HTA) Writers' Circle is for all who wish to explore their creativity through the written word in a supportive, honest, and open group setting rooted in kindness and mutual respect.

All forms of writing are welcome. You may attend even if you don't have work to share. If you are a lover of the written word, wish to be supportive of the journey, and wish to join the discussion, you too are welcome.

Please be aware, this is not an open mic performance venue. While the writer may choose to share his/her work by reading it aloud, the purpose of this meet up is to provide the opportunity for both new and experienced writers to explore all forms of writing craft.

Humanity Thru Art plans to support the craft of performance through its own group at some future time.

Poetry Circle

An open mic is a wonderful thing, but often people take the opportunity to rant or share a journal entry in the guise of poetry.While it is important to provide a venue for people to share without the nerves associated with critique; an open mic environment does little to help the performer hone his/her craft as a literary artist.

Our poetry circle is different.  We create a safe and supportive environment for poets to grow and  improve as artists.  

The poetry circle will employ the same format as our highly successful Writer's circle. 

The process is simple. You'll have the opportunity to share your work. We request that you consider the number of attendees when choosing how many pieces to share. You will then receive feedback from the group.  

Reading and discussion times will vary depending on the number of participants. 

The discussions will be moderated to ensure that all readers will have the opportunity to share and receive feedback.

As always, we welcome anyone who wants to come and simply enjoy the process of artists working together to become better at what they do.

Hope to see you there,

Adam Stuart Littman

Executive Director, Humanity Thru Art

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Upcoming Meetings:
Writer’s Circle North
Informal group Fridays at 7:45ish

5585 Simmons Street, Las Vegas, NV

Writer’s Circle
December 16th        2:00-5:00 PM 

Poetry Circle
December 9th        1:00-3:30 PM

Marie Callender's Restaurant & Bakery
600 East Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas, NV

*All groups contingent on RSVP 24 hours in advance.