Twitter Poetry Contest

We are thrilled to announce the Humanity Thru Art Twitter Poetry Contest!

Here's how it works:

First, follow us on Twitter at @HumanityThruArt.

Next, compose a poem of exactly 133 characters in length (Remember, punctuation uses characters as well). Tweet the poem using #HTAUS.

Poems that do not meet this criteria will not be considered as entries in the competition.

There are prizes!

All entries will be considered for inclusion in the inaugural volume of HTA's new digital publication entitled "From The Other Side".

3rd Prize Winners will receive complimentary copies of the iOS "Shakespeare Pro" App. This is the one we're always pimping at our Sin City Shakespeare Explorations. Because it rocks!

2nd Prize Winners will receive a copy of “William Shakespeare's Star Wars”, by Ian Doescher. Because it rocks!

Our First Runner-Up will receive an HTA-endorsed hard copy edition of The Complete Works of Shakespeare. Because it's rocked hard for over 500 years.

The Grand Prize winner will receive feature publication in the inaugural volume of "From The Other Side", individual editorial insight from the HTA staff, and special publishing consideration in future volumes. Because it's going to ROCK!

So, Go forth and Tweet, Verily! 

Special thanks to our outstanding young artist Levi Hopler for inspiring this competition with his creativity and innovation.


A Tweet! A very palpable Tweet!